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Love takes all forms. Finding one that fits with yours is one of the greatest things in life. // Two of my favorite people are getting married! So excited for them and wish them the best of luck. #vscocam #socality #livefolk #liveauthentic #makeportraitsnotwar
09:52 27/11/2014
Dane Spearman
telandim soybeann megswill11 girlwiththeredballoon
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09:52 27/11/2014 rabichka ))
09:52 27/11/2014 photographgang Awesome! Please tag your photos with #photographgangfeatureme and follow us + @misterflopatrick to get featured :)
09:54 27/11/2014 jodyjohnston Ha hah!!! Dude you are the greatest soul. I love you dane. Excited to hang in a few days!!
10:22 27/11/2014 gregorycastel Fierce.
10:32 27/11/2014 letsnguyen Awesome lighting man
11:10 27/11/2014 wyliej So nice!
Falling hard is normal, getting back up is what makes us special. // It's been a very busy couple of weeks and it's still going to be for a couple more but I'm thankful to be able to spend some downtime with my friends and family. Last night we had our Friendsgiving celebration at Ashley Drive and I've never had a better Thanksgiving. I'm so grateful for my friends. #vscocam #socality #livefolk #liveauthentic
19:07 25/11/2014
Dane Spearman
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Search for things that uplift the soul, the pursuit of wealth burdens the mind. // Pulled another all-nighter for this project and I'm moderately satisfied. #vscocam #socality #livefolk #liveauthentic
18:30 14/11/2014
Dane Spearman
biophilic9 vt_chopin lizzeyeh jmiguel
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18:50 14/11/2014 randyscottcarroll I feel ya. I almost pulled a full all-nighter the other night and after I got back from work the next day, went back to my project and decided to scrap everything and go in a new direction. It's a painful process sometimes.
18:53 14/11/2014 danespearman For real. I'm thinking about scrapping everything except one thing.
19:29 14/11/2014 jessilynw That light
19:32 14/11/2014 brandonofmoore That's awesome and reflective bro, @danespearman.
20:53 14/11/2014 joodie
Lost in the darkness we call home. Stumbling for something to make our world brighter, only to wince at the light we thought we wanted. After a while, our eyes adjust and we can finally see the world clearly. // These past two weeks have been the busiest all semester and also the most trying. While I am grateful to learn more about graphic design, sometimes it takes a back burner to more important things. Remember to keep life in perspective. Your are not your job, you are not how much money you have, and you are not the car you drive. #vscocam #socality #livefolk #liveauthentic
07:15 12/11/2014
Dane Spearman
shawnaschellenberg jarrnouanderson haleygreeene smehgee
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07:20 12/11/2014 jvyyovng Wise words my friend
07:22 12/11/2014 danespearman @jvyyovng I may have totally ripped off Fight Club with that last line. Lol
07:25 12/11/2014 laurenbond007 About to hang some like these above my bed in my room!
07:32 12/11/2014 jvyyovng Haha still good though
These wounds will heal but the memories will last. // Had our Atlas Rhoads photoshoot only to be shut down by the cops. Luckily they let us off with a warning. Good times. #vscocam #socality #livefolk #liveauthentic #makeportraitsnotwar
02:18 10/11/2014
Dane Spearman
jillodell elise.dominique gregorycastel kmcabell
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We make our own roads. Whether we choose to walk down them is our own decision. // I've never been happier to have my Bio deadlines moved by another week. Science is not my thing. #vscocam #socality #livefolk #liveauthentic #makeportraitsnotwar
04:47 04/11/2014
Dane Spearman
briannadane zaid.alhindawy explore_my_stories jayzakh
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04:47 04/11/2014 swag_sovs Congrats I feel your struggle !
04:48 04/11/2014 joannalemasters Stunning feed
04:51 04/11/2014 dancajim Man that's awesome. You captured the light so nice
07:06 04/11/2014 oceans_of_light Hey that's me! but seriously, Dane, the light in this pic is fantastic.
07:33 04/11/2014 ivanwatts77 #GreatShot#
12:19 04/11/2014 rj_jain3 Perfect click
What makes us human is what lets us be loved. Not because we deserve it, but because we don't. // Heading back from another DC trip, this time with a more sobering experience. Be there for those you love. Life is too short to hate and too precious to not spend it loving. #vscocam #socality #livefolk #liveauthentic
06:36 02/11/2014
Dane Spearman
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08:22 02/11/2014 jpsmalt True.
09:35 02/11/2014 christianegale I went to this place the other night, it's awesome! I need to go back during the day.
10:57 03/11/2014 gregorycastel #whpShadowPlay
17:23 12/11/2014 snacksriich #showmethewindow
The narrow road leads to life eternal. // Just got time to breathe after literally weeks of work. I still have a lot more to do and learn but I'm getting through it. Looking forward to having another adventure soon though. #vscocam #socality #livefolk #liveauthentic
19:25 31/10/2014
Dane Spearman
snacksriich smehgee kurtboomerphoto joannalemasters
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00:33 01/11/2014 igrgv The cover by Ellie goulding is sooo good, great photo btw
01:07 01/11/2014 danespearman @pinkrumba Thanks!
01:08 01/11/2014 danespearman @can.vas
01:08 01/11/2014 danespearman @travishallmark Heck yes! So good man!
01:08 01/11/2014 danespearman @oceans_of_light Thanks, Allie!
01:09 01/11/2014 danespearman @igrgv Thanks man! I actually grew up in the Valley. What a coincidence. Haha
01:25 01/11/2014 igrgv Oh wow that is quite the coincidence :)
23:41 12/11/2014 noahds Damn this is a great photo. You're a great photographer - have a good one!
Muscle to muscle and toe to toe, this fear has gripped me but here I go. - Alt-J // Totally sore and I'm cool with that. #vscocam #socality #livefolk #liveauthentic #madewithfaded #makeportraitsnotwar
00:27 27/10/2014
Dane Spearman
tatauriel misterflopatrick paulbenjaminmatula flaviosantanajr
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00:28 27/10/2014 kylewesleymiller that song is so good.
00:31 27/10/2014 noemipossible
00:32 27/10/2014 ulla_alh The whole album is amazing. Love love love.
02:06 27/10/2014 gregorycastel Just listened to it today for the first time so this is ironic lol.
08:14 27/10/2014 torinay The music video for that song is as good as the song itself.
Who I am isn't important, what I leave is. // So I was recently tagged by @oceans_of_light to say ten things about myself, thus my shameless self-portrait. So here goes: 1. I speak Spanish. 2. I've lived in Latin American countries most of my life. 3. I live for great design. 4. I don't like coffee. 5. Black is the new black. 6. Sweet tea. 7. BRMC, FIL, and BBC are my favorite bands. 8. I've been playing bass for 11 years now. 9. I'm a closet nerd. 10. I want a motorcycle more than anything in the world. Preferably a Honda CB. #vscocam #socality #livefolk #liveauthentic #makeportraitsnotwar
23:57 25/10/2014
Dane Spearman
rinawildflower erinkrespan theyouthpirate_ cooperfelipe
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00:05 26/10/2014 _noah_wayne_ Go buy a motorcycle!
00:08 26/10/2014 danespearman @_noah_wayne_ I literally have $3. Haha
00:08 26/10/2014 _noah_wayne_ Haha, someday!
01:37 26/10/2014 shawnaschellenberg th
02:42 26/10/2014 dpena00 The valley counts towards those years you've lived in Latin American countries by the way.
05:12 26/10/2014 danespearman @dpena00 I was counting it. Haha
Thinking with our hearts and desires. Logic plays a minimal role. // Another shot of the tobacco factory from yesterday. We went to help Zach with his design project and got to do some exploring along the way. Life's too short not to explore abandoned buildings. #vscocam #socality #livefolk #liveauthentic #madewithfaded
18:27 24/10/2014
Dane Spearman
wirdzsy erinkrespan strayhoank verdystraparlo
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18:44 24/10/2014 adamwxrd oh man
A change in perspective is all it takes. // Had a random adventure today at an abandoned tobacco factory. Got some loot and now getting ready to present a part of my project tomorrow. #vscocam #socality #livefolk #liveauthentic #makeportraitsnotwar #madewithfaded
03:33 24/10/2014
Dane Spearman
demetferan g_vegs joaop.neto franciscojimenezz
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03:47 24/10/2014 lorettian (:
Chasing light. Darkness at your heels. #vscocam #socality #livefolk #liveauthentic #madewithfaded
19:39 22/10/2014
Dane Spearman
esperco pandasian keziaasn joannalemasters
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01:44 24/10/2014 danespearman @bryanyaun It was even better in person. Haha
01:45 24/10/2014 danespearman @brookieblue
01:45 24/10/2014 danespearman @lukerieke Thanks dude!
01:45 24/10/2014 danespearman @tamorron that golden hour tho.
01:46 24/10/2014 danespearman @thecalebnoonan Danke!
01:46 24/10/2014 danespearman @yanit_xoxo Thanks a lot!
01:46 24/10/2014 danespearman @bjacobson1 thanks bro!
06:10 13/11/2014 withlove_mish @danespearman Gorgeous!
Vistas that never get old. // Guys. The 6+ is freakin massive. Super awesome for editing though. Looking forward to my upgrade. Eventually. Also, @madewithfaded is now free in the App Store and it's really great. You should check it out. #vscocam #socality #livefolk #liveauthentic #madewithfaded
22:21 21/10/2014
Dane Spearman
dillsmith kaylasmall keziaasn utkucanermis
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Looking for something that can't be found. // Back from DC and I'm already back to being super busy. Only had time for a quick nap before having to go about my day. I've been super busy but in the best way. Doing what you love is the best way to make busy days seem better than they are. Also, @kennethdelevante took this picture and I edited it #vscocam #socality #livefolk #liveauthentic #makeportraitsnotwar
01:04 21/10/2014
Dane Spearman
dancajim johnweirick keziaasn hkobi
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01:16 21/10/2014 estherbaseme
02:10 21/10/2014 tharinylinno Omg
05:17 21/10/2014 fsinarahua Great shot
08:25 21/10/2014 danespearman @bangarangmc Danke Jody!
08:25 21/10/2014 danespearman @willcornfield
08:26 21/10/2014 danespearman @estherbaseme thanks!
08:26 21/10/2014 danespearman @fsinarahua thanks, Freddy!
08:08 23/10/2014 danespearman #imgoingdreaming
For we are here only for a season. Making the most of the time we have. // Headed back from DC and stopped at a farm to snag some pictures real quick. Huge s/o to @kennethdelevante for inviting me along to see one of my favorite bands ever and for just being a bro. Hope you all had a great weekend, too! #vscocam #socality #livefolk #liveauthentic #makeportraitsnotwar
16:30 20/10/2014
Dane Spearman
bangarangmc gabyyrosee destinyyleigh nathantowles
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16:30 20/10/2014 svmpls I'll give likes to anybody who will follow me
16:32 20/10/2014 oceans_of_light This is the coolest pic I've seen. But the real life fence hop was pretty dramatic.
17:07 20/10/2014 seemoris Ecclesiastes.
01:03 23/10/2014 danespearman #explorevirginia
How can you swallow so much sleep? // @bombayinsta has been my favorite band for so long. Without them I don't even know how I would have survived high school, let alone moving to a new country. Four years later and I'm still in awe of their genius. Because of Bombay I play the music that I do, and design the way I do. Thanks, Bombay. You guys are the best. - Sincerely, the guy the the front singing along to every song. #vscocam #socality #livefolk #liveauthentic #makeportraitsnotwar
08:41 20/10/2014
Dane Spearman
panjisetionoo snacksriich foreandaftco angelofeitoosa
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08:53 20/10/2014 bdoe.jpg STOP, I'm so jealous. Bombay Bicycle Club is the best.
14:41 20/10/2014 adamwxrd whaaaaat jealous
12:39 01/11/2014 jrbombardier Great shot! :)
With each year we grow. Stronger or weaker, that's for us to decide. // 24 years ago this guy was born. From photoshoots, to random road trips and adventures I've lived some of the best moments of my life with this guy and I look forward to living some more. Here's to @jodyjohnston! Sorry I'm a day late. #vscocam #socality #livefolk #liveauthentic #makeportraitsnotwar
21:05 19/10/2014
Dane Spearman
rinawildflower alexkolbo girlwiththeredballoon justin11511
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21:50 19/10/2014 vixwei Where'd you get that jacket lol @danespearman
22:00 19/10/2014 joostbastmeijer
22:42 19/10/2014 sam_wymer
01:51 20/10/2014 can.vas Jody is the man
Bros in boots (3/3) // New band, new company, new friends. This past week has been a whirlwind but I'm so grateful to be doing some cool. If you haven't seen my new logo or follow @bangarangmc you should check it out. I'd love to hear your input! #vscocam #socality #livefolk #liveauthentic #postmorefeet #VAinstafamily
04:59 16/10/2014
Dane Spearman
lachaemi_ davidnakamurah explorevirginia tudohipster
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08:02 16/10/2014 thriftster I love Chelsea boots
Bros in boots (2/3) // So Taylor isn't a bro but she basically is. And I mean that in the best way possible. Haha #vscocam #socality #livefolk #liveauthentic #postmorefeet #VAinstafamily
17:44 14/10/2014
Dane Spearman
marycjohn dominique_celestina keziaasn cooperfelipe
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17:50 14/10/2014 estherbaseme love this one Dane!
18:03 14/10/2014 sackclothxashes LOVE
19:07 14/10/2014 danespearman @estherbaseme Thanks!
19:07 14/10/2014 danespearman @sackclothxashes Gracias!
19:16 14/10/2014 adamwxrd BRO
19:58 14/10/2014 danespearman @adamwxrd
02:25 16/10/2014 taylortippett Dope. Bros 4ev
21:12 20/10/2014 davidnakamurah